Crocheting Fool

I need to get my act together and start working on some Christmas gifts.  This year, I think I’m going to crochet a few things.

Just a few.  Ok, ok, who am I kidding.

You see, the problem is that if I make something for myself… I have to make 3 more just like it for the monsters.  So I made myself a pair of fingerless gloves… and 3 more pairs over the weekend.  I also completed a scarf and started another.  You know, for GIFTS!

Then I started working on a matching headband (without the big flower – I’ve never made one of those before), but I had to rip it out.  I messed up really bad.  I restarted it last night, and so far I’m okay.  I don’t *think* I’ve messed it up yet.  The first time I make something from a new-to-me pattern is always risky.  I’m a terrible pattern reader.  I usually end up taking it to my mom and have her decipher the directions for me, but I want to make something for her this year, so I can’t have her help me!

Here’s a terrible picture of my gloves, made with LionBrand yarn.  It’s a little itchy (a wool blend) but so incredibly warm!

9 thoughts on “Crocheting Fool

    • June, it wasn’t too hard. I really do stink at figuring out instructions, but I was able to work through the first one until it made sense. The main stitch is pretty easy – just SC, chain 2, SC, over and over and over. The only thing I had to get help on is the foundationless HDC she recommends — but I’ve now done a pair both ways and I honestly prefer the basic plain old HDC (and it’s just one row at the base).

  1. Ohhh you’re a crocheter! I’m only a beginner when it comes to crochet. I find knitting easier. =P I only crochet flowers or where it’s needed to finish a knitted project.
    I love that headband, it would look good even without the flower. =)

    Do you frequent Ravelry? SOOOOOOOO many Crochet/knitting patterns (many many free). I love that usually there’s always someone explaining the patterns or explaining their mods. Saved my life so often. Of course I’m addicted to this website (as in I visit it at least 3 times a day lol)

    Now you reminded me that I should be thinking of starting the Xmas presents!

      • Oh, shoot. Um… dark green and black? Or… blood red and black? Or… I guess if they’re for DickensFest, just cream and tan, so they look Victorian era-ish?

        Eeeeee! Seriously, only if you have time, though. If not, the pattern will do. I get into crochet fits, too, so I have lots of yarn. *sheepish*

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