Victor is Coming Tomorrow

*throws confetti*

Tomorrow is Victor’s day!  I’ve got several interviews and reviews that I’ll link to tomorrow.  I haven’t settled my mind on the right promo item (whether charm or necklace yet), so that’ll come in the next week or two.  I’ll plan to give away a copy of HMSG tomorrow here on the blog to celebrate.

We had a full weekend that I haven’t even had the chance to tweet or blog about, including a bonfire at my Dad’s Friday night.  The kids spent the weekend riding Papa’s horses, while we cleaned the garage and went through some storage items.  Fun huh?  * insert sarcasm*  I didn’t even get a bottle of wine out of the deal.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on Vicki *dies* and I’m beta reading for a friend.  Oct feels like it’s already slipping through my fingers.

5 thoughts on “Victor is Coming Tomorrow

  1. I poofed on your yahoo chat this afternoon:( had wifi issues then I had to go to work, sorry. Can’t wait to get Victor first thing in the morning:)

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