Fast Draft Day 002b

I said this on Twitter:  some days the words just roll out like a dream.  That was today.

I wrote over lunch and promptly forgot to eat.

As soon as I finished the Evil Day Job, I started again instead of cooking dinner.  Ooops.  We had to eat out once That Man got home.  (Not entirely a bad thing of course!  Yum–and no dishes.)

I’m paying for it now with an eye-strain headache and sore wrists, but it was a very rare, fabulous writing day.  So far, the story is going EXACTLY like I planned.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  I see it all so clearly that I can hear the characters…I don’t want to lose that before I can capture the words.

Total for the day:  3,782

Grand total:  5,175 words

And I’m still tinkering with the file.

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