The Queen is Live!

 Shara and her men are back and the hits (and heat and blood) just keep on coming. (snickers)

Queen Takes Rook went live last night, but it has really taken some time for the links to filter through the Amazon mazes. People were having a hard time finding it, and at one point, we joked we’d broken Amazon!  We didn’t of course but it was fun.

The reviews are pouring in and I’m just dumbfounded and awed. Thank you, each and every person, who’s picked up a copy and left a review already! It makes me smile to see comments like “best in the series so far,” because I truly want each book to be better and better.

Shara’s taking us on one crazy ride.

And here’s the funniest part. All four books? Happen in the span of a month. Yet she’s already killed a thrall, turned into a Cobra Queen, dragged Leviathan out of his prison, killed some vicious ants, taken her first sibling, gained ten Blood (including five-hundred-year-old virgin twins), and…

Well. I won’t spoil anything. Go read it!


4 thoughts on “The Queen is Live!

  1. The first book I purchased via Audible. I was very intrigued, although I will admit I have discovered I don’t particularly want romance books read to me. I like discovering the characters as they are written, not as someone else thinks they should be. That being said, I did immediately read the next 3 books within the next 4 days. I LOVED them. Shara is a very interesting character who should explored more as she moves forward. Her backstory is great, as she knows it; I love how open she is to exploring herself and reactions to various different obstacles. I can’t wait to read the next book.

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