Her Grace’s Stable

Science Fiction Erotic Romance

A Jane Austen Space Opera

Publisher: Samhain Publishing (June 11, 2013)  (Update: Samhain has gone out of business.  Buy links will be updated once these books are available again.)

Please note that while Her Grace’s Stable is set in the same story universe as Lady Doctor Wyre, you don’t have to read them in order.

Silence is his only defense. But no truth escapes his lady’s whip.

Lady Violet Blackmyre, the daring “Black Duchess” of the Queen’s Light Dragoons, never thought she’d die a slow, miserable death. Yet only days after being named Field Marshal of the Britannian Army, she’s been diagnosed with consumption.

Giving Cole, her devoted stable hand and “pony”, his freedom is as easy as removing his collar. Convincing him to seek another mistress will be impossible should he learn of her condition. At all costs, she must spare him the pain of witnessing her demise.

Cole will not be pushed away so easily. When he stumbles across a magnificent “stallion” being abused at an illegal human auction, he is sure this wild, untamed brute is the challenge that will re-engage his mistress’s interest.

Arthur is desperate to return to the Iberian front, but betrayal and relentless torture have left him unable to trust himself with a weapon, much less lead soldiers into battle. What’s more, Lady Blackmyre’s dreadful secret is becoming more obvious by the day…and the scourge tearing at her lungs may not be natural at all.

Warning: Ladies in positions of power and technological advances invented by the infamous Lady Doctor Wyre. A ménage a trois featuring a brute of a stallion, a mischievous pony, and the Mistress with the will (and the whip) to tame them both.



“Character development is excellent, especially that of Arthur, who must re-discover his humanity.” ~  RT Book Reviews, July 2013 issue, 4 stars

“Burkhart has accomplished something extraordinary here: a genuine ménage story, one where everyone loves everyone else, and the reader likes and identifies with everyone equally. … Well-done, all around. Very well-done.”  ~ Naamah, BDSM Book Reviews

“Pony play with femdom is a delectable combination….This story is a loving example of a caring femdom. So many stories portray a woman Dominant as a cruel sadistic bitch. It’s a pleasure to see another story where the Domme is caring, smart and strong.”  La Crimson Femme

“I read the book in one day because I could not put it down. The characters and backstory were fabulous.”  ~ Nicole, GoodReads

“The interactions between the Duchess of Blackmyre (Violet), Cole and Arthur are beautiful. The dynamics are sexy with one gentle pony and one stallion in the mix under the direction of a firm but loving hand. This is the most sensually erotic pony play I’ve read.” ~  Vivian Archer, GoodReads

“This story is a sequel to Lady Doctor Wyre, and continues Joely Sue Burkhart’s amazing world building! You will come away from these books wishing you could walk around in this world and meet these characters.” ~ Chibiboo, GoodReads

“This book runs the gamut of kinky good times.  I wasn’t sure if I would really enjoy a book about pony play, but I’m not surprised that I did.  Ms. Burkhart viewed the kink not as something to be ashamed of, but something to revel in, and mixed it wonderfully among some deliciously hot m/f, m/m, and m/m/f sex.” ~ R.E. Butler, GoodReads

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