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Publisher:  Drollerie Press

US Civil War anthology, “Storms as She Walks” by Joely Sue Burkhart

Laura Anne Gilman, Joely Sue Burkhart, and Angela Korra’ti take us back to the days of the Civil War with ministering angels, magical creatures, and death. Each of the women in these stories refuses to take on the role she’s been assigned by birth, race, or circumstance. Each woman demonstrates life changing defiance.

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Soleil Noir, Beyond the Invisible

Joely has a knack for building bonds between her characters, both romantic and platonic. What really brought this story home to me was the dynamic of Thunderer’s regiment. The military-style banter had me in stitches and the battle scenes were beautifully executed.  The romance was a bit tame-for a Burkhart read, which usually scorches off the page- but not in an unsatisfying way. Sweet and fulfilling, it fit perfectly within the confines of its tale.

Bump in the Night Bump in the Night

Publisher:  Drollerie Press

Horror anthology, “Broken Angel: A Zombie Love Story”,

2010 EPIC Finalist!

We have an amazing line-up of authors. Tim Mulcahy’s story, “Monday Night at the Vampire Lounge” has been joined by two other Paul Altimari stories. Connie Neil provided us with another story about her vampire nun, Heather Ingemar provided two stories, one a vampire and one zombie tale, and Joely Sue Burkhart actually pulled off a zombie romance. I didn’t believe anyone could do it when she took up the gauntlet during chat, but I should have realized–if anyone could do it, Joely most certainly could. Tim’s zombies aren’t too shabby either, with some definite zombie/vampire flirtation going on. Heather’s poor zombie, however, was unable to do more than yearn from afar.

Each section is dedicated to a particular monster, and ends with Tim’s former cop, who finds himself in a truly bizarre situation, and every time it gets a little weirder.

EPICAWARDS2010-finalist-smAvailable at Drollerie PressFictionwise, Amazon.


Soleil Noir, Beyond the Invisible

I’m not usually one for Romance, but Joely makes me believe….I’ll admit, the first scene creeped me out, but did not repell me, rather it drew me in. I needed to know what would happen to Angelina, I needed to know that she would be able to feel again. I needed to know what her story was.

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