Blood & Shadows

A romantic fantasy series, Blood & Shadows contains both a full-length trilogy (the Shanhasson books) and several spinoff novellas (Keldari Fire).  The reading order isn’t too important until you get to the final book in the trilogy, Return to Shanhasson, where the two worlds collide.  If you’re a purist and prefer to read strictly in order, refer to the Timeline.  There are also several free reads set in this world that provide more history and background stories.

The First Prequel (free read)

After abandoning his people for a foreign woman he can never have, Jakon rav’Tellan, now Her Majesty’s Master of Horse, must leave the stables to tame his High Queen’s greatest fear.

The Shanhasson Trilogy

A Complete Reverse Harem Epic Romance

Note: THIS TRILOGY IS NOT ROMANCE. Significant characters die. Love is the greatest gift of all, and sometimes requires the greatest sacrifice.

Keldari Fire

Fantasy Romance

Other Free Reads

The Shadowed Blood (pdf): Gregar must choose between being the most honored assassin on the Plains or Khul’s Blood, while a Rose dripping blood in the midst of shadows hovers between them.

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