The Fire Within

The Fire Within_webFantasy Romance

Previously published by Drollerie Press in 2008. Re-released March 17, 2015.

All Eleni has ever known her entire life are Shadows.

Born to a bastard branch of the Green Lands’ royal line, she has only one chance to escape her brother’s torment. The only place in all the world far and dreadful enough to deter him might be the savage land of Keldar. Under pretense of securing him allies, she will find sanctuary with the fiercest, most powerful Keldari warrior she can find.

According to prophesy, the supreme leader of the tribes will be declared by a White Daughter from a land beyond the burning sands. Zahak purchases a captured woman of the prized blood to deliver to his brother. However, Eleni has set her bright, shining eyes on him, and his plans fall apart one by one.

Stalked by her powerful brother in dreams, Eleni brings Shadow and turmoil to the tribes. Will Keldar be bathed in Fire, or lost to Shadow forever?

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Suzanne Francis at Sage Fire Reviews
Lovely, lovely stuff. A great read.

Jayne at Dear Author
Your approach separates it from the usual romance fare.

Long and Short of It
The way they find hope and power in each other is inspiring

Front Street Reviews
A short quick read this is full of romance, fighting and dragons.

Liz DeJesus
I read this book in one sitting. I couldn’t stop reading it.

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