Raptorous Heat

Finding a lost ruin in the Guatemalan jungle should have catapulted graduate student Natalie Whit’s career. But her professor leaves her in the jungle to do all the work—which he plans to steal as his own—while he parties in town with the prettier assistant. Then an emergency forces her guides to leave her.

In the jungle.
At night.

And something is stalking her.

A top secret military experiment turned former Marine Chris Decker into a monster. Enhanced by super-powered raptor DNA, he’s a killing machine in either form he takes. When the colonel couldn’t control him any longer, they tried to kill him.

Don’t make an already formidable soldier virtually indestructible, and then piss him off.

Nothing will stop him from bringing the colonel to justice and ending the super-raptor-soldier experiments…until he finds Natalie. Lost, scared, but so incredibly smart and sexy, she immediately wins the raptor’s undying devotion. Now all he wants to do is get his mate back to his lair, and never let her go.

Even if he has to call the surviving members of his squad to help protect her.