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I have a Kindle and I still get confused sometimes about what formats to buy (when I’m not shopping directly at Amazon, of course!).  Here are some great references to help with buying e-books and devices.  If you have other recommendations for articles that helped, let me know!

E-Book Format and Device Table

Comparison Table of Reading Devices

Reading e-books without a dedicated device by Tia Nevitt

How to read e-books series by Angela Korra’ti

The ABCs of e-book format conversion (Calibre)

2 thoughts on “Reading E-Books

  1. I love you ebook series from Shanhasson. I have read the whole almost I am on Road to Shanhasson I can’t tell you have
    made me happy with your story (so far) I laugh I cry (literally) I have almost made myself part of the story I call my husband my heart and every I read it I think of him. Please tell me Shannari can save Gregarious from death and she and her two mates live happily every. Of. Course as much as I read I will know soon enough. But I cry like Shannari and hope it doesn’t end the way Gregarious has seen it. I hope you write more like this. Your stories are like a drug I can’t get enough.0

    1. Thank you so much, Dianne — I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the Shanhasson series! I promise a very happy ending at the end of Return to Shanhasson, although there are lots of dark moments and grief before she gets there!

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