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Fast Draft Day 002b

I said this on Twitter:  some days the words just roll out like a dream.  That was today.

I wrote over lunch and promptly forgot to eat.

As soon as I finished the Evil Day Job, I started again instead of cooking dinner.  Ooops.  We had to eat out once That Man got home.  (Not entirely a bad thing of course!  Yum–and no dishes.)

I’m paying for it now with an eye-strain headache and sore wrists, but it was a very rare, fabulous writing day.  So far, the story is going EXACTLY like I planned.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  I see it all so clearly that I can hear the characters…I don’t want to lose that before I can capture the words.

Total for the day:  3,782

Grand total:  5,175 words

And I’m still tinkering with the file.

One thought on “Fast Draft Day 002b

  1. What an awesome writing day! Sorry about the eyes but you can write blind, right? 😆

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