Join authors Cecilia Randell, A. May, F.N. Hammack, Joely Sue Burkhart, Tabitha Barret, Serena Lindahl and C.A. Storm as they take you through tales of Irish love and folklore for St. Patrick’s day. There will be gods, immortals, gargoyles, creepy castles, ancient legends and, of course, a leprechaun or two.

Shamrocked is a collection of romantic, sexy, and funny stories that might leave you longing for your own trip to the magical Isle.

A Forgotten Goddess by Cecilia Randell
Bat Sitru, a goddess of Egypt, is led to Ireland by her newly awakened visions. Upon arrival she meets the O’Loinsigh brothers, three Immortals who are alternately grumpy and charming. When a leprechaun is found murdered on the back stoop, Bat, the forgotten goddess, is the key to unraveling an ancient tragedy.

Emerald Ire (The Forgotten & The Forbidden) by C.A. Storm
An American lass follows her nightmares to Ireland, where she finds herself at the mercy of four forsaken and forbidden gods, the Fomoire! The monsters the fae thought defeated have returned from the grave. Only one thing burns hotter than their desire for vengeance…their desire for a young, Mortal girl.

Banshee Problems by F.N. Hammack
A blind banshee, three hellhounds, and a bunch of human corpses…and if that wasn’t enough to deal with…the banshee screamed. A banshee only screams when someone’s going to die.

Goddess of Mine – Tabitha Barret
When an ancient Celtic Goddess is ruthlessly attacked by one of her own kin, can she recover her strength and special abilities in time to save the handsome mortal who rescued her from death?

One More Night by Serena Lindahl
When Erin inherits a castle in Ireland, she doesn’t expect it to be occupied already – but it is. Three sexy staff members manage the estate and live under an ancient curse, a curse only Erin can break.

Better With Two by A. May
When Hailey finds her boyfriend in bed with someone else she packs her bags and escapes on a trip to Ireland for the Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations.
Her life takes a turn for the better when two sexy brothers take up the seats next to her. Better yet, they are twins and they are about to show her a world she never knew existed.

The Treasurekeeper (Her Irish Treasures) by Joely Sue Burkhart
After a night of partying at an Irish pub, Riann hopes to wake up with a hot guy–not a two-foot tall gargoyle statue. He torments her dreams until she agrees to find his three friends so they can free him. But his friends have lost too many treasurekeepers to risk their hearts again–and demons are closing in.