Queen Takes Sunfires Book 2

Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance, vampires, House Sunna Heliopolis, Karmen Sunna

A secret burns inside me that will very likely get me killed.

The wolf king may have gotten me out of Chicago alive, but he couldn’t burn rubber fast enough to get away from me once he’d dropped me off at his sister’s. Wearing nothing but a hospital gown and his borrowed coat, I have to face an Aima queen for the first time. Alone. 

Luckily, she has enough scruples to fill me in on some vampire queen basics without trapping me into a sibling alliance without my knowledge. There is so much about this world that I don’t know. I’ve never lived as a vampire queen. I’ve certainly never fed. 

I have no one on my side. No Blood of my own. I don’t know who to trust. 

With Soldiers of Light and blazing sunfires on my trail, I’m trapped. I’ve got nowhere else to go. 

But they aren’t taking me back to Heliopolis alive.

Note: Karmen is recovering from abuse with flashbacks to her past, which may be triggering to survivors of sexual assault.

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