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Not Romance (but sexy): alert, main characters die

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  1. Is there any chance you will finish the story from Tales from the Apocalypse?

    1. Yes! I have a trilogy of covers already purchased. It’s just a matter of sliding them into the schedule with Their Vampire Queen spinoff books.

  2. Hi I just read the Coterie short story, Taken by the Syndicate.
    I was wondering if you are going to continue the story line?

  3. Hello, a year ago I discovered their vampire queen series an ever since then I have been obsessed I really want to know if you are every going to continue the shara isador book series every I wait for news, if there’s going to be more of her story but I would understand if you couldn’t because its the end her story I just love Shara and her blood so much I wouldn’t want her the end of the story. I wanted to know if her story end for I will be the first to cry for week about because your work is so amazing and beautiful. It breaks my heart when come to the end of her series not all I could or aren’t yet released, oh and your i hope you are in good health.

    1. Angela, thank you – I’m so glad you enjoyed Shara’s story! I do intend to return to House Isador once the Triune seats are filled. Shara does show up in Sunfires2 and will continue to make her presence known as the queens come to the table. Then Shara will definitely return. It’s a ways off at this time (I’m running about 2 years behind thanks to never-ending divorce) but she will come back.

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