Queen Takes Darkness 2

Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance, vampires, House Ironheart, Helayna

Escaping the Darkness is only the beginning…

Catapulted by her newfound power, Helayna Ironheart escaped the endless darkness of Hel to the human world. She even managed to free her three guardian Blood from their stone gargoyles by giving them her blood. But escaping the infinite coils of the world serpent is only the beginning of her journey through Darkness.

Her dark alfar Blood know nothing of this world, and she barely remembers what it means to be a vampire queen. Let alone how to run a nest or negotiate with other queens. Then her brother drops off a scared, traumatized queen on her doorstep with blazing sun-demons hot on her trail.

Sun and Darkness have never mixed—and Karmen’s solar power threatens to obliterate everything Helayna holds dear.

She needs more power to hold her own. But to call more Blood, she will need to go back into the Darkness…

The one place she swore never to return.

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