Queen Takes Queen

Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance, vampires, House Isador

The Triune’s attention is a deadly thing to attract. The world’s oldest and most powerful vampire queens devise a plan to ensure the fledgling Isador queen is eliminated before she can call enough Blood to protect her.

But Shara has already drawn formidable and famously powerful Blood to her side: Leviathan, king of the depths. Guillaume de Payne, the headless Templar knight. Wu Tien Xin, the silent invisible assassin. Nevarre, the Morrigan’s own Shadow. And of course, her first two Blood, Alrik and Daire, inexperienced—but extremely powerful in their own right.

Though well fed on queen’s blood and well loved, six Blood are not enough to stand against the mighty Triune. Shara needs more.

She needs more Blood. She needs allies.

What she really needs is a queen of her own.

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  1. I love all of the queen books and I can’t wait for Queen takes Rook I hope it comes out really soon.

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