Mine to Break

The Connaghers, Contemporary Romance, BDSM

The Mistress of Dallas doesn’t date vanilla men. Mal doesn’t need to—not with all the submissives she meets at the club she sponsors or her job as Executive Producer of the most risque adult television station in Texas. But then she meets Detective Colby Wade and decides to make an exception. As a former soldier now working the narcotics task force, Colby is lean, tough, and cocky. Certainly not a submissive bone in his body. But her Mistress instincts insist that there’s more to Detective Wade beneath the surface. A silent challenge that she can’t refuse.

It’ll be a fun night. Have a few drinks and a nice dinner. See if she can make the confident man blush or sweat a little. She’ll enjoy him while it lasts, but she fully expects him to walk away after a little taste of what a powerful, dominant woman expects in her bed. If he’s even brave enough to make it that far.

Colby’s never met a battle that he couldn’t face with the supreme confidence of a combat Marine. After two tours in Afghanistan and years working the streets as a cop until he made detective, he’s feeling… ragged. On edge. And yeah, desperate. So far, he’s managed to hold his shit together well enough that he hopes his partner doesn’t know how close he is to exploding. He needs an outlet, a safe way to release the pent-up emotions that he keeps buried. It’s bad enough that he’s actually considered re-enlisting.

He needs a new battle, but he doesn’t want to bring a war to the streets of Dallas.

Instead, maybe he’ll bring that war to the Mistress of Dallas’s bed.

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