Hurt Me So Good

The Connaghers, Contemporary Romance, BDSM

One Master to rule them all. One sub to please him…any way he wishes.

Victor Connagher is no stranger to the Dallas BDSM scene. As CEO of a risqué cable channel that caters to adventurous adults, he ensures the lifestyle is portrayed in a positive light. He even supports a local bondage club, though he doesn’t participate any longer. He can’t. He doesn’t trust himself to keep his savage need for pain under control.

Behind the cool, confident mask, Victor lives in fear. One day, he’ll go too far, and he won’t be able to stop. He won’t risk seriously injuring and scaring another sub, no matter how much his saucy, confident associate producer makes his fingers itch to once again take up his riding crop.

Shiloh Holmes is a sub, but she’s no doormat. She’s always suspected Victor has the skills to feed her insatiable need for pain, and now she’s found the perfect way to crack his formidable control. He has a champion’s heart and he loves to win. So she throws down a gauntlet and dares him to participate as a Master on a new reality show she developed:  America’s Next Top sub.

As Shiloh fearlessly challenges him, Victor finally realizes she wants the vicious sadist with the riding crop.  And the only way for him to keep her, is to risk everything.

Especially his heart.

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13 thoughts on “Hurt Me So Good

  1. Loved the story of Conn and Rae. I live in Marshfield MO and went to Drury University in Springfield. It was really cool to read a book set in my part of the world, haven’t really seen that since Janet Dailey’s Show Me.

    Can’t wait for Victor’s book.

  2. Thanks so much, Ann! I went to Drury for a couple of years — but sadly, no really hot English professor!

  3. Yeah, I never saw a hot professor there either!

  4. Hi Ms. Burkhart; Keep up the good work and take care. I just a little bit of Hurt me so good and I love it. Thanks Juanita Ervin

  5. I love your books

  6. I loved Dear Sir i’m yours and one of my groups on Goodreads in using it for one of our monthly books 🙂 Do you have a release date on Hurt Me So Good yet, so I can mark it on my calender

  7. Juanita, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it all the way to the end!

    Deanna, that is so cool! Thanks for letting me know, and for reminding me that this page didn’t get updated with the release date! 😳 Victor is coming 10/5!!

  8. I heard of your books on the Larissa Ione site. Like her books and yours sound great. Will get to the bookstore ASAP

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  10. Hi, Just finished Victor and Shiloh’s story. I wasn’t quite sure if I would like it. I loved it. I loved the emotion and humor of it. thank you.

  11. Warning: This review is all about me and my prejudices concerning the SM part of BDSM and how I realized I might be a little deviant too *g*. Bear with me, I am no longer prejudiced LOL. Yes even I can learn !

    Hurt me So Good is one of those books that I have a hard time reviewing. Why? Because while I devoured and LOVED it, I’m a bit torn about my feelings toward Masochism (and I can’t not say something about that). After being blown away by Dear Sir, I’m Yours , I couldn’t wait to read Victor’s book. I was not disappointed, he is so intense and dark *swoon*. I am fairly new to the BDSM world, and in comparison to Victor’s book, Dear Sir, I’m Yours was pretty vanilla lol. The title, Hurt Me So Good is perfect for this book. Here we are introduced to another kind of BDSM, a tougher kind.

    Victor is more than just a Dom, he is a Master and he loves inflicting pain. He is a sadist. Which is fortunate since our heroine loves pain. When I say love…I mean LOVE pain. This is why I’m torn. I shudder at the simple idea of pain, I just can’t imagine taking pleasure in pain, and the whole book is based on that. The heroine is pretty much addicted to pain. It’s weird but somehow the Sadist part didn’t disturb me at all, only the Masochist part (Maybe you should start thinking about what this means about you Caroline…huh!). There now, you’re gonna think I didn’t enjoy this book, and you’d be wrong! I’m torn between giving it 4 1/2 Bookies and giving it a perfect rating. Why? Because Joely Sue Burkhart did it again. She worked her magic and made me open up my mind to a new lifestyle. She really succeeded in educating this poor reader without scaring her away. I got to understand the characters’ motivations and I wanted more.

    Victor is one piece of work. I love how intense and imposing he is. I would be scared if I ever was alone in a room with him lol. Even more since his favorite tool is a crop! (but he’s also pretty impressive without it too) *shakes in her boots* He is sexy as Hell and radiates power. He might be a bit scary but I loved that he was in control of himself. He is not crazy (<==you can see here how I was prejudiced before reading the book) and asks himself the good questions…he searches for his limits. That’s what makes him ‘safe’ in my opinion. What make me trust him. Shiloh was harder for me to get at first. I wanted to slap her sometimes and when I talked with a friend about that she didn’t agree with me. What disturbed me was that she seemed to have no limits. I just didn’t get that. For me no limits means DANGER. Of course everybody has limits (or they are just psychos), I just needed to keep reading and stop bitching all the time, the answer was found later in the book. *wink*

    The story was very interesting, I loved the concept of a BDSM Reality show. I learned a lot about this lifestyle and all it’s different aspects. The goal of that show was to educate the audience and show BDSM in a good light. Mission accomplished…I learned a lot and it doesn’t look as scary as before! I laughed a lot too, at Patrick and his pony fetish *whinny*. Shiloh and Victor together are sizzling. Shiloh loves to talk dirty, which makes for very hot smex scenes! All their scenes together made my blood boil. I loved when Victor lost control. It’s very very erotic *drools*. I also never thought I could be turned on by branding, but here I was, reading about Victor marking Shiloh with his V and I found that very hot O_O. I think they are just perfect for each others.

    All in all it was a very mind-opening book. I couldn’t stop reading and never once did I think it was too much. Joely wrote very believable and complex characters and made me understand why they did what they did. This is a great story, I really love Victor and I found the ending perfect. It could have easily turned into too much for me but it didn’t. I felt more educated and more open-minded after reading Hurt Me So Good. I keep thinking about this book, I even dreamed about it. It is one of those books that stays with you for a long time after you’ve finished it. I cannot wait for Vicky’s book now. I’m already wondering what wickedness she could be hiding , since it seems to run in the family. *wink*

    I give Hurt Me So Good 5 Bookies.

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  13. Hello Ms. Burkhart i was having trouble looking for a book to read on my tablet i just recently got very intersted in reading bdsm romance books i truly love them i have read so many of them its getting really hard to find a good book so i came a cross one of ur books my the name Dear Sir im Yours which was so good it had alot of every thing the sex,bdsm,it made me laugh so much and i fail in love with Conn and Rae and also Ms. Belle and Colonel Healy the ghost that was something i have never read n any book but it was awsome to be able to read it and see cuz i really do believe that are love ones become are angles on this world i have enjoyed reading ur book ur a very good writer and it was very easy to imagen every scene that u was tring to get across…loved it very much ty….anna 😆

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