The Shanhasson Trilogy Boxed Set

Epic Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy, Reverse Harem, Complete Trilogy

Love is the greatest gift of all, and the greatest sacrifice. 

A princess stolen by a barbarian warlord, Shannari must rule as High Queen or the Green Lands will fall into eternal darkness. Her first instinct is to kill the mighty Khul, even when he professes a love like no other. She knows all too well how love can be corrupted. How it destroys.

Darkness festers deep in her heart, drawing her not only to the mighty Khul but also his deadly guard. Her weakening heart is not only torn between love and duty, but also between two magnificent warriors.

Yet neither warrior will be able to help her when Shadow calls her name.

This collection includes: The Rose of Shanhasson, The Road to Shanhasson, and Return to Shanhasson.

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