The Connaghers

Contemporary Romance, BDSM

Free Read! See how Conn and Rae first meet.
The sexiest English professor alive
The vicious Master with a riding crop
The switch torn between the two men she loves
The Matriarch who fears she’ll never love again
The seasoned soldier brings war to the Mistress of Dallas’s bed

23 thoughts on “The Connaghers

  1. hhahah i read a little exert of this and i’m already hooked ahha ><

  2. This book is wonderful!!! I just read it in 5 hours because I couldn’t stop for anything. The characters are all very well developed and amusing and the main guy (Conn) is HOT!!!!! I’ll definitely read more from this author. 🙂

  3. Loved this book!! totally hot and makes you cry too… i read it in no time and wasn’t able to stop til i finished! can’t wait to read the next one! 😀

  4. Read the book in a day(and put off all of the housework). Wonderfully developed characters….loved Miss Belle and the feisty Rae. Can’t wait for the next book.

  5. I read the first book in record time then read the second even faster…. I love, love, LOVED, the Connagers stories. Now iI am impatiantly waiting for Conn and V’s sister’s story to unfold.

  6. Thank you so much! I’m so happy that you enjoyed Conn and Victor! Vicki’s book is in the works – I hope to submit it in the next few months!

  7. I have just finished reading “Dear Sir I am Yours” and I am very grateful that I have stumble in this book in amazon and got my kindle version.
    Although English is not my mother language, I have really enjoy it and read it easly and finish it in one day. My life has been crapy the last couple of years and your book has really changed my mood and made me happy.
    Thanks a lot,
    I will definetly search for the rest of your books and read it.

  8. I want to thank you for the Connagher stories. I read Victor’s story first, then went looking for Conn’s. LOVE those two books and the character development! Eagerly awaiting the next.

  9. Robin, thank you so much! Vicki’s story will be next!

  10. Are Vicki’s and Mal’s stories going to be altogether or separate books??
    and i LOVE the Conn’s and V’s stories!

  11. Margaret, yes, both Vicki and Mal will get her own books! Vicki’s book is written but not yet submitted. I need to do a little more revision work on it first. Hope later this year to have good news!

  12. You know those books that you love completely so you read them once or twice then put them on the shelf… These books are not those books. Since I have bought these books I keep coming back to them. I have read Dear Sir, I’m yours and Hurt me so good so many times I broke the binding and then got them again as eBooks. Ms. Burkhart I must praise you for V and Shiloh, being a masochist myself, you don’t get many good, delicious stories about the lifestyle. So I humbly thank you for Hurt Me So Good. And I wish V was hiding his crop in my closet!!!!

  13. Marquita, thank you so much, you brought tears to my eyes!

  14. Hi,
    Do you still plan to write a thanksgiving story where they all come together?

  15. MTR – I hope so. I wasn’t sure of the timing with Vicki’s story, but I think I’ll be ready to bring the Connaghers together for Thanksgiving in a short story before her story takes place.

  16. Hello, I just recently read all the Connagher stories including the free reads and loved them! I especially love Conn and Rae! Such great reading. Thank you!

  17. please dont make the thanksgiving story short. It would be nice to see how far the characters have grown in accepting who they are. I would hate to feel as if the story was rushed just to publish another book.

  18. Was wondering if you had any news on when or if Mal’s story will come out. The sparks sure flew in Vicki’s story and I am really excited to read more about her. You created such an awesome character in her from the first time we meet her and I need to know more!

    1. Sheri, I don’t have news for Mal yet..because I haven’t written the book yet. Sigh, sorry, I’m slow! My editor asked about Mama’s book first so I’m hoping to get it done and then shift gears back to Mal later this year. I’ll keep you posted!

  19. […] Virginia demanded her story be told.  If you’ve read the other Connagher books, you’ve heard about Mama Connagher for a long time.  She’s tough.  She’s […]

  20. Hello! Boy, was I ever so glad my friend stumbled upon one of your books. Now you’ve got two more readers addicted to the Connaghers! I really love the way you write because out of all the others I’ve read, your stories are truly one of a kind! Can’t wait for Mal’s story xoxo

  21. Eloise on 09 July 2018 @ 5:09 pm said::

    Being a Sub( taught at a Very Young Age) I gobble up all the BDSM, but don’t care to go with the whole series, after reading the1st or 2nd books. I’m back to my youth with reading just the story of Conn & Rae meeting, eBook I & trying very hard to track down eBook 2( Dear Sir, I’m Yours ). To my wonderful surprise you are the insightful author that has a whole Series, that I’m going find what I have been searching a long time.

    I came across my 1st Connaghers’ eBook now I’m thoroughly !!! Hooked & planning to make my Nook library a private shelf with your Name on it !!

    Thanks So Much,

    1. Eloise, many thanks – I’m so glad Conn and Rae’s story spoke to you!

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