Dear Sir, I’m Yours

The Connaghers, Contemporary Romance, BDSM

Not even five years can dim her memory of his masterful touch.

Restoring houses is easy for Rae Jackson, known as “The Fix-It Lady.” But she can’t fix the past. The biggest mistake she ever made was dropping out of college and running away from her sexy English professor. A semester of flirting ended when he spanked her to the best orgasm of her life on top of his desk. Afraid of her own eager willingness to comply with the sexy dom’s commands—no matter what—she fled with barely a word.

Even after all these years, she still writes him long letters…that she never mails.

Conn never forgot the one student who gave him a big fat “F” on the greatest test of his life. After all these years, he’s still haunted by Rae. If only she hadn’t been his student when they met. If only he hadn’t lost control. If only he had been able to track her down and make amends. When he finds the very object of his shame—and desire—crawling around under his grandmother’s house, he swears to do anything to win Rae’s trust.

Rae finds herself helpless against Conn’s slow seduction. Exactly the way she likes it. Instead of poetry, this time she learns the erotic pleasure to be found in bondage…and submission to the sexiest professor alive.

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Bonus epilogue: Taken by the English Professor

13 thoughts on “Dear Sir, I’m Yours

  1. […] male dominant/female submissive stories, but I liked your writing enough on your <a href=”“>prequel posts on your blog</a> that I decided to persevere. I’m glad I did, […]

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  3. […] It didn’t suck so much that it got published as Dear Sir, I’m Yours. […]

  4. For me, this book epitomizes the true D/s relationship in its purest form. It is what I hope to find some day with the right man and I plan on showing him this book and reading through it with him. I fell in love with Conn and empathized so much with Rae that I had tears in my eyes throughout most of this book. Truly this book should be in the library of every person who appreciates a D/s lifestyle!

  5. Jennifer, thank you so much! I’m so glad Dear Sir spoke so strongly to you and I wish you all the luck in the world finding your own Conn.

  6. I Loved this story and these wonderful characters, when I was done with it I was actually sad it was over. I wanted to thank you for putting up the extras Letters and Take Me, it was great to be able to learn more about the characters before and after and I hope to see more of them. I absolutely love the way you write and can’t wait to read more!!! 🙂

  7. Aw, thank you so much, Janell! I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed Conn and Rae. Victor Connagher will be available Oct 5th!

  8. […] copies of Dear Sir, I’m Yours (both signed!) by and from Joely Sue […]

  9. 🙁 have to say im a very un-happy bunny , i’ve been trying to aquire this book for quite some time now in paper back and can’t find it ANYWHERE in the UK . yeah i know i can always dnld it in kindle but its just not the same , i really would like it in paperback 😥

  10. […] me at least a year before about some of my free reads she’d enjoyed, and I gladly sent her Conn and Victor. To thank me, she sent some lovely handmade items from the Chiapas region of Mexico, […]

  11. 🙁 I was a little disappointed, after reading “Hurt me so good”, first. I have read almost 300 books, and that was the best by far. I felt that this story didn’t have much of a story. Yes, I was happy they found each other, and I loved the grandma,and grandpa but just felt it was missing something. Very lite BDSM.

    1. Jenene, I’m glad you enjoyed Victor so much, even though Conn’s story is softer. Every book is quite different. I hope you find another book you enjoy as much!

  12. good reads

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