Fun Day Gone Wrong

The monsters are out of school today, so That Man and I both took the day off.  We had a whole slew of stuff planned:  zoo, maybe a haunted house trip for Princess Monster, shopping, you name it.

However, someone woke me up Dark & Early this morning (when I planned to sleep in) because she’d thrown up in her bed.  She threw up again later, and then started running at both ends.  She didn’t make it to the toilet for one of those either.  Poor little monster is not feeling well at all, and our fun trip day has turned into smelly laundry day.

P.S. As if there was any doubt, the monster in question is Middle Monster.

5 thoughts on “Fun Day Gone Wrong

  1. Good grief. That poor kid never just gets the sniffles, does she? No, it’s always the black plague or something like. *shakes head* Poor MM. And poor you guys! Nothing ever goes as planned when you have monsters, does it?

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