Goodbye 2010

Looking back…

  • Sold three books.
  • Released two of those books digitally this year (Lady Doctor Wyre will be in 2011).
  • Had another print release, my first with Samhain.
  • Completed editor revisions on three books in various stages of production.
  • Promotion strategies for three releases.
  • Signed with a new publisher with a launch title.
  • Worked with two new editors.
  • Sold the first book in a new series that has the potential to make me very, very happy for a very, very long time.
  • Began reading more regularly on my iPhone.
  • Bought a Kindle.
  • Finished two new projects and two free reads.
  • Worked with Drollerie Press to sponsor Coyote Con and hosted MayNoWriMo.
  • Failed at NaNoWriMo.

Looking ahead to 2011, I have:

  • One definite scheduled release (Lady Doctor Wyre 3/2011)
  • One tentative scheduled digital release (Return to Shanhasson) and print release (The Road to Shanhasson)
  • One project currently submitted, not yet contracted.
  • One project nearly ready for submission.
  • Three other serious projects in progress unrelated to series already contracted.

May 2011 be better for each and every one of us!

Happy New Year!

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