June Update with July Goals

Not a stellar month but not bad either.  I even managed D&E every day this week so far, even though I’m only getting 5-6 hours of sleep a night.

  • Finished the first draft of The Bloodgate Warrior.
  • Firmed up the plot of Phantom.
  • Started Phantom, got about 3K so far this week.  Not NaNoWriMo pace but I’ll take it!
  • Wrote up several guest blogs (forgot how many!)
  • Celebrated the release of Return to Shanhasson!
  • Lost 6 pounds
  • Walked 13 miles.

In July, I’m shooting for the following:

  • First pass revision for The Bloodgate Warrior, with initial read thru and notes this holiday weekend.
  • Keep moving on Phantom with about 500 words a day.  I’d like to finish the first draft this month but the list is long.  I’ll be happy with August.
  • Make initial edit pass for Vicki with Editor Tera’s notes.
  • Write at least 3 more scheduled guest blog posts.
  • Write a short story that’s percolating, tentatively “Ritual Ink”.  Guessing about 3K.
  • Keep planning promo for Golden and print Victor in September. 
  • Walk 15 miles.
  • Start Tony Horton’s Power 90 strength portion only, shooting for 3x a week —> 12 workouts.  If I survive, I’ll add the cardio portion in August!
  • Participate in Romance Biggest Winner.
  • Keep losing weight – but I’m not going to say a number because it’s totally out of my control.  That’s like saying, “Get an agent this year.”  I can query x agents every month…but I can’t make one say yes.  I’ll work my plan and exercise — I’ll get to goal eventually.  I’m averaging about 1 pound a week right now, so if I lose 4-5 pounds, I’ll be happy.

3 thoughts on “June Update with July Goals

  1. The title “Ritual Ink” has me very interested. Would love to know more about it. I’m also happy you’re working on BGW first revisions:)

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