Retake Homemade: Kalua Pig

I can’t remember where I first found this recipe (or I’d give credit), but it has become a family favorite.  Last weekend I bought a huge pack of pork butt on sale at Sam’s Club, came straight home, and popped half into the crockpot on low.  It cooked all afternoon, night, and we came home after church on Sunday to incredibly moist pork for BBQ sandwiches with tons of leftovers.  Even better, I have another pork butt in the freezer for later!

5-8 lb pork butt or shoulder, whatever will fit into your crock pot

2 T liquid smoke (or more to taste)

1 T coarse sea salt (the original recipe called for Hawaiian sea salt, which I haven’t been able to find)

Cook on low for up to 24 hours.  The meat will fall off the bone (if there’s one in your roast).  Use forks to shred and reserve some of the juice from the crockpot to keep the meat moist.

This meat can be eaten with BBQ sauce on rolls.  Or add salsa and eat on tortillas.  Or throw into any stew, shepherd’s pie, etc.  Enjoy!

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