MayNoWriMo: Day 1 Part 1

I got a later start D&E this morning than I planned, thanks to a thundestorm that took out my alarm clock, but I got a good head start thanks to a few sections I wrote about a year ago and then abandoned.  They needed a lot of work, but the ready words helped conquer that “blank page” feeling.  I have one more previously-written section to edit into the main file, and then the word counts will go down considerably.  Nice start though.

3636 / 100000


Snippet:  Opening line, sure to change at least 100 times before I’m happy with it (you know how much I think openings suck and struggle to get them just right):

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a powerful woman with seemingly fearsome abilities is quite often burned at the stake as a witch.

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