NaNoWriMo Day 10,11

Between yesterday and today, I finished a first-draft plot for Miseryland (post-apoc).  I played around with a tarot reading to get some ideas on how the climax and resolution should play out.  I’m still fairly vague on several key items, but in general, I have the road map figured out.

Then I returned to Phantom tonight and began plotting it in more detail.  Since Scrivener is really working well for Miseryland, I created a new folder for this project too.  I love the notecards!  LOVE.  I’m almost to the end of Act I for the plotting, but it needs to be tightened.  I want this to fall into the 20-30K range, so I need a small cast of characters.  I’m also shooting for an erotic work, and so far, there’s nothing erotic about it.  :oops:  Will definitely be working on that tomorrow!

NaNoWriMo total:  25,953

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