Beautiful Death


BeautifulDeathPost-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Romance

NOTE:  Previously published by Drollerie Press in 2008.  Re-released April 15, 2015.

The monsters know her as Beautiful Death.

Scientists warned that a pandemic outbreak could cripple our world. However, they never expected a mutating alien virus to obliterate our entire civilization. In the resulting chaos, New Olympia rose as a vaccinated haven of modern technology.

As First Marshal of Athens, Isabella Thanatos has killed hundreds of monsters spawned by the virus. Mysteriously infected in a city where no one gets sick, she’s now turning into a monster worse than any she ever terminated. Fleeing Athens in the final stages of mutation, Isabella seeks help from the worst monster she knows, the hated alien, Hades.

In the Underworld of contaminants and surviving aliens locked out of New Olympia, Hades saved as many people as possible from the viral chaos. Now with Isabella’s emerging power, he can fire the ship’s engines and return to his home planet. To overthrow the powerful ruler who exiled him to death and madness, who better to have on his side than Beautiful Death? If he can convince her to accept life with him as a monster.

Monsters beware–Death comes to the Underworld.

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9 thoughts on “Beautiful Death

  1. I love your story Beautiful Death, it’s what lead me to your other fantastic stories and I devoured them all on my nook. Sadly it passed away and my parents upgraded me to the kindle this Christmas. I quickly re-bought all your ebooks I could but was so sad to see Beautiful Death was not on Amazon…any plans to put it there in the future?

    Sorry to bother,

    1. Natalie, thank you so much, not a bother at all! I definitely plan to get Beautiful Death uploaded again to Kindle. I don’t have a mobi or prc copy or I’d just send one to you — all I have is the pdf and I don’t believe it’ll convert well using Calibre because of all the headings. I’ll post here on the blog once BD is up and available again.

  2. HI will you be writing a sequel to BD I love this book and i thought maybe there would be a sequel for charon

    1. SLW, once I get BD back up and available, I definitely want to write Charon’s sequel. My beloved sister has been waiting for him for years! I’m just not sure of the timing yet.

  3. I’ve just finished your mythomophoses and excerp on beautiful death and I must admit I’m already hooked, is mythomophoses after in the first book and where can I find more of this series please I must read more. Please and thank you.

    1. Jamie, thank you! So glad you enjoyed it! Mythmorphoses (On Death’s Wings in Seduced by Myths) is a “rewrite” of the original Beautiful Death from 2005. I could do it better justice now. 🙂 I plan a trilogy for this series – just waiting on the covers to come in so I can put it on my schedule.

      1. Oh that’s awesome, I can’t wait! I must admit I did like mythomophoses more but I’d love to read how you mix it up. I really hope that you bring them out soon but I understand that’s just me been impacient. I look forward to reading your work. Excellent job and I’m not usually one to like aliens but this new series looks like it’s going to be out of this world amazing! 😁

  4. I am unable to find this book on Amazon anymore. Is there a way to obtain it?

    1. Hi, Jessie! I actually pulled that book with the intent of rewriting it. It was one of the earliest books I wrote and I just wasn’t happy with it any longer. If you still want it, send me an email ( and I’ll send you a copy of it.

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