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Letters to an English Professor (Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, B&N)

I heard your voice, and I knew. I knew I had to be in your class.
I knew I had to be…

As an Accounting student, Rae Jackson has never cared much for poetry, but that all changes when she hears Dr. Connagher’s distinctive voice quoting some dead dude in the hallway. One look at his face, and she falls. Hard.

Piercing blue eyes. Craggy face she could study for hours. And the forearms of a warrior. She can’t sign up for his infamous class fast enough. At least he doesn’t teach Calculus.

But an unknown student can’t hide for long in an upper-graduate English class. He calls her to his office, and all she can think about is that gorgeous cherry desk while his rumbling voice rolls her deeper into her fantasies.

Oh yes, Dr. Connagher. I’ve been a very naughty student indeed.

TheHorseMasterOfShanhasson_125The Horse Master of Shanhasson (Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, B&N, Smashwords)

After working in Her Majesty’s stables for five years, Jake is called into the palace under a veil of secrecy. The High Queen is ready to abdicate, and he’s her last hope of overcoming the Shadow that has haunted her.

Thankfully, the Horse Master is bringing his whip.


Previously known as “Well of Sky,” this free read (fantasy romance) has been expanded and renamed, “Bloodgate.”  Download for free in multiple formats at Smashwords and coming soon on Amazon.




Broken Angel, a Zombie Love Story, my first “zombie romance!” (Other formats available at Smashwords.)




Check out “Ritual Ink” as part of All Romance E-Books’ Just One Bite paranormal romance anthology.

My Clockwork Heart, a steampunk-ish horror short story.

Lady Wyre’s Regret, SFR, a prequel to Lady Doctor Wyre.  Lady Wyre discovers the truth about what’s happening with her research and decides to flee Britannia with the famous assassin, Lord Sigmund Regret’s, help.

Lie to You, contemporary erotic romance, a prequel to Hurt Me So Good.  Read how Victor and Shiloh first meet.

The Shadowed Blood, dark romantic fantasy short story, including the first two chapters of The Road to Shanhasson

Touch the Sky, fantasy short story

Hope’s Haven, romantic science fiction short story

Unbridled, Regency romance short story