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One Cut Deeper (A Killer Need, Book 1) Signed Paperback


Signed paperback, 322 pages


I’m his perfect victim.

For a year, Charles MacNiall has been bringing his beautiful king shepherd to the vet clinic where I work. The perfect client and his well-trained dog. In my fantasies, he’s a kind and affectionate Master—just like he demonstrates with his dog. But I’ve also glimpsed a darkness in his eyes that he tries very hard to hide. A secret need for pain that makes him irresistible to someone like me. A needy, lonely masochist.

I know that I’m broken but I have no idea how far I’ll go for even a taste of the dominance that he wields so effortlessly. The pain he gives me is like nothing I’ve experienced before.

But then he disappears, and the FBI says the Master I love is a serial killer. He picked me deliberately. He found me online and tracked me down. Just to kill me.

Someone’s lying, and it’d better not be my Master. Or his perfect victim might end up dead.

Warning: This story contains elements of violence, as well as Master-slave, knife, blood, breath, and pet play in a BDSM relationship.

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