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Queen Takes Jaguars Signed Paperback


Signed paperback, 102 pages


One vampire queen. Four jaguar Blood sworn to protect her.
Now all she needs… is the Aztec jaguar god to sire her heir.

Mayte has spent the last century increasing her power as queen of House Zaniyah by calling more Blood to her side. She loves her jaguar protectors, but even her alpha hasn’t been able to give her a child. Without a daughter to continue the queendom, their line—and the Zaniyah power—will die out.

She needs a god to sire her daughter, and for a queen who calls jaguars as Blood… only one god will do. Tepeyollotl is rumored to sleep in mythical Aztlán. Desperate for a daughter, she sets out to find the legendary origin site of the mighty Aztec people.

Though she has no idea how she’ll bend the formidable god to her will.

Note: This book is smaller and shorter than the other Their Vampire Queen books.

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