Attention Victor Beta Readers!

I want to appropriately thank everyone who helped me polish Victor before I turned him in to my editor.  If I’m missing anyone, PLEASE, please shout out and correct me!  Also let me know how you’d like to have your name in the dedication (whether full name, real or pen, shortened).  Right now I have:

Sherri, Pearl, Nicole, Susan, Christine, and Sharon

Thank you!

I’m in the final sweep of first-pass editor notes before sending Victor back in, so I do have a little time to handle corrections if I’ve messed anything up.

11 thoughts on “Attention Victor Beta Readers!

  1. You’re welcome…can’t wait to read the finished product. As to name, it’s up to you…I’ll be shouting, “See that? That’s me.” 😀

  2. Don’t know if you had another Christine read for you, but if I could be known as Stephanie that would be cool. If the Christine is someone else then never mind lol!

  3. You’re quite welcome! I’m looking forward to being able to pimp it out on the blog when it’s purchasable!

    And my real name is fine. I don’t have an official pen name yet, so we can’t use that. 🙂

  4. Sherri, do you want your last name included?

    Stephanie Christine, oops, sorry, I can definitely use Stephanie instead. I think you’re ChibiBoo, right? Do you want any last name used?

    Nicole, do you want your full name used?

  5. Yep I’m Chibiboo:) Stephanie Christine would be awesome:) and thank you for letting me take part

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  7. I’m the Christine mentioned (there seems to be a little confusion), and I agree with Sherri. I’m so excited to see the final product.

    You can keep my name in coordination with everyone else. So if you end up using everyone’s last name I’d like Christine Lovejoy, but everyone does first names Christine is fine.

    And I wanted to thank you Joely, for allowing me to read your work. It was an honor to be one of the first to get a glimpse at Victor’s world.

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