Call for Beta Readers

If you’ve read The Rose of Shanhasson and The Road to Shanhasson, and have some spare time on your hands this week, I’d love to have a couple of beta readers grind through the third and final book of the trilogy, Return to Shanhasson, before I send it to my editor.  I have one more dream sequence to write, but then I’ll be ready to let new eyes take a look. 


I’ve deliberately kept it very private.  Not even my Beloved Sis has read it yet.  Needless to say, I’m a bit nervous.  If you’ve read Road, you know how evil I can be, and this book is no different.  It might even be worse.  However, I promise a wondrously happy ending that brings the trilogy full circle.

Warnings: Explicit sex, violence, torture, dragons, bad guys who won’t stay dead, and menage a trois quatre neuf oh hell I lost count.

Of course I’ll be sending it to my Beloved Sis and my dear friend Wanda, but I don’t know that they’ll have time to respond before the end of the year when I plan to submit the story.  If you have the time and interest and could possibly read and get back to me quickly (by 12/31), I’ll be forever in your debt. 

I’m not looking for a critique, but general responses and feelings.  Did any part seem confusing?  Did anything seem too contrived (Vulkar I pray not)?  Are there any major holes that never made it from my head onto the page?  Is the emotion powerful enough?

If you’re a writer, I’ll exchange a full read of your manuscript, or I’ll ensure you receive a finished free copy of the e-book when it’s released.

Drop me a note in comments or to joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com if you’re interested, and I’ll get back to you in a day or so once this last scene has been added.  Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Call for Beta Readers

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  2. Scott, have you read the first two books in the trilogy? This one won’t make much sense at all if you haven’t.

    Bethanie, Soleil, and Sis, check your inbox!

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