Vicki’s Wordle

Once again, Paperback Writer is inspiring this post with her Cloud Profiles post today.  Since I’m working on Vicki’s story, I wrote down keywords for all three main characters, and then changed the color palette to reflect their personal colors in the word cloud.  What’s interesting is that Wordle doesn’t know which color to give to which word/character, so some of Elias’s words come out in Jesse’s color, etc. But it makes me think about similarities and cross overs. Just because I gave the word “lost” to Jesse, doesn’t mean that Elias and Vicki aren’t lost.  In fact, they are.

Wordle: Vicki Jesse Elias

3 thoughts on “Vicki’s Wordle

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  2. I find it interesting that because of the colors, Jesse’s name stands out the most. Especially since in your snippets, he’s the character I liked the best… 😀

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