4 thoughts on “The Road to Shanhasson is here!

  1. May is a great month for Drollerie!

    Can already speak for Roads being a good read, (although I will be re-reading to see diff between WIP and finished product and cause its just THAT good) but both Faerie Blood and 24 Bones look to be like my kind of reads. Especially enjoy seeing multi-cultured heroines on covers. Deena rocks!

  2. Thanks, Soleil! If you don’t hear from Deena re: those other two and you’re interested in reviewing them, let me know. I’ll make sure they reach your hot little hands!

  3. I’d like to make a suggestion for your publishers. Sell the book through i-tunes as an audiobook as well! Sometimes a decent priced book on tape (or iPod, as the case may be) can be just the thing when you’re driving in the car or exercising.

    Not to mention it might get you a few more fans!

  4. Krista, we do have some DP books available at Audible.co.uk. I don’t know formats, etc. if they can play on iPODs or not but you might check it out.

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