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A Sad Day for Drollerie Press

If you haven’t see the official announcement yet, Deena has been very sick for over a year and has decided to close Drollerie’s doors.

I’ll always be grateful to Deena for being the first publisher to give me a shot.  She taught me so much as my editor on those first books!  And her artwork was stunning.

I hope and pray that she’s able to recover enough to enjoy her life once more.  Thank you for dreaming Drollerie, Deena!

I’m working on having new covers made for all my DP books and I’ll self publish them over the next several months.  If you stumble across this site and just can’t wait, please email me (joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com) and I’ll happily get you a copy.

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Review: The Road to Shanhasson

Susi from The Geeky Bookworm says:

The Road to Shanhasson is a wonderful Fantasy Romance which does everything right. I loved the story, the characters and the wonderful narration. This book broke my heart and put the pieces back together and left me with a warm feeling deep inside. I can’t say often enough how wonderful Joely’s books are and again I’m sitting here craving more. Highly recommended to all romance readers.

The Road to Shanhasson is a wonderful and unique Fantasy Romance with wicked warriors, a heartbreaking lovestory and an engaging plot.

Read the whole review here.  Thank you so much, Susi!  Plans for the print release of Road are in the works now, and Return to Shanhasson (the final book in Shannari’s trilogy) will release in electronic format this fall!

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Coyote Con Live

The website is live and we’ve also got a tentative schedule.  I’m so thrilled that Lynn Viehl, aka Paperback Writer, will be taking questions from the SF/SFR panel and blogging her answers later in the month!  Also Heather Massey and Nathalie Gray will be talking about Steampunk!  woot!

It’s going to be such a great month!

I turned in the blurb sheet for Victor tonight and finished a late critique.  All the MayNoWriMo and Coyote Con stuff has totally derailed me — so it’s a good thing I took the whole month off!  I may not actually get much writing done in May, either, not with all the moderations, guest blog coordination, etc. but it’ll totally be worth it.

I already know what my MayNoWriMo goal will be:  a complete synopsis for Maya #2.  More posts will come this next week about what I need to do to make that goal happen.

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Read an E-Book Week

In honor of Read an E-Book Week, everything is 20% off at Drollerie Press

Don’t forget I have lots of Free Reads on this site as well as downloadable excerpts which you may enjoy.  But to fully celebrate ebooks, I want to give away a copy of any book in my backlist.  Just comment on this post to enter.  Friday, I’ll announce a winner when I post a new Vicki snippet.

I’m celebrating read an e-book week by downloading a copy of Monica Jackson’s latest, Charm Me Baby, available at Red Rose Publishing.

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D&R Reviews Survive My Fire

I’ve known Tia online for years but never queried her to review any of my work for two reasons:  she doesn’t do e-books and she doesn’t typically review sexier books.  However, she picked up a copy of Survive My Fire while Drollerie Press was running a free download, and gave it a shot reading on her iPod. 

I’m doubly honored that she chose SMF as an e-book introduction and also reviewed my debut on her excellent Debuts & Reviews site.

The voice is what captured me in this story, and what held me throughout. It is otherworldly, surreal and utterly engaging.

Thank you so much, Tia!

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The Road to Shanhasson Review

A great review from Sherri, who writes:

I lived a lifetime between these pages! Laughing. Crying. Loving. Dying. I laughed at Rhaekhar’s wicked sense of humor (at the inn) when Shannari’s father meets her Blood (personal guard) — he seriously channelled Gregar! I cried as my heart broke along with Shannari’s. I squirmed in delight when Rhaekhar, Shannari, and Gregar’s love culminated into the menage a trois hinted at in book one. And don’t worry if that’s not your usual thing because Burkhart does it tastefully without losing the sizzle. There was some roughness between Gregar and Shannari though I didn’t feel it was abusive within the scope of their relationship.

These characters — these people — are as real to me as my husband or best friend. Their world as real as the one outside my door. But Burkhart doesn’t stop there. She blends in a life and death struggle that fits perfectly within the world she breathed life into.

Read the entire review here.  Thank you so much, Sherri!

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Civil War Antho Review: Defiance

Sherri reviewed Drollerie’s Civil War anthology, Defiance.  About my contribution, Storms As She Walks, Sherri says:

I was hooked from the first sentence and pulled right along though the story. Burkhart has an amazing knack for building bonds between characters. I loved the dynamic of the regiment. I loved Meli’s strength and commitment. I loved Steadmen’s straight-shooting manner. I’m left with a soft spot for Lying Abe and Big John. This is defiantly one of the short stories I wish was a full-length novel because I wasn’t ready for it to end…despite being satisfied with the ending.

Read the whole review here.  Thank you, Sherri!