Giveaway: Name That Series

My friend Angela Campell is making a new cover for my novella, Nightgazer, that was originally part of our Here Be Magic boxed set.  I’d like to write more in this world (especially now that I’m self-publishing for the foreseeable future) but I don’t have a series name.

I’ll paste the blurb below.  If you have a series title idea, please leave it in comments.  If I use your title, I’ll give you a $25 gift certificate to any online book retailer of your choice!

A princess on the run with a secret gift. A grumpy wizard stripped of his power. Can she heal him in time to save her throne?

Matilda, the Twenty Third Princess and youngest daughter of the Tyrant, flees the castle in the dead of the night after the Tyrant’s death. Hoping to survive her murderous half-siblings’ fight for the throne, she hides in the furthest corner of the realm she can find. Unfortunately, the infamous wizard once chained as the queen’s pleasure slave had the exact same plan.

Tormented by guilt for his part in his mentor’s death and stripped of his power by the queen, Oyrin Nightgazer plots revenge and hopes to restore the Wellspring–the source of all wizards’ power–that was tainted by his betrayal. The princess bears a massive bulls-eye on her back, but with his help, she might be able to stand against the evil queen and her daughter. Assuming he remains sane long enough, and Matilda doesn’t try to enslave him again.

Because with a wizard at her feet… She would be the mightiest queen the realm has ever seen.

Elements:  BDSM, wizard, cat shapeshifter, princess, magic

P.S. If you haven’t read Nightgazer but would consider leaving a review, drop me a note (joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com) with your desired format and I’ll send you a copy.

Upcoming Giveaway: Lots of Print Books

IMG_0051As I was straightening my office for the New Year, I realized I’ve been moving a giant box back and forth across the floor ever since we moved to this house 1 1/2 years ago.  Every time I have a call for the Evil Day Job, KoKo takes the opportunity to gnaw on the box, so it looks like a pack of rats have been chewing on it.  (The box only – the books are fine!)

These books are my previous RT convention hauls.  Some of them are signed, which makes it doubly hard to part with them! But I’ve finally faced the fact that I’m not going to read them.  I just don’t read print any longer and I need the space. I’m so busy, either running to pick someone up in the car, waiting in line, etc. that I always read on my phone, or if I’m lucky, one of the two Kindles we have (the monsters like them too).

So I decided to give these print books away.  I have plenty for TWO priority boxes and each box will have at least one signed Lorelei James book.  There’s mysteries, historicals, paranormal, etc.  I’m sure I still have some swag (from many authors), so I’ll throw in some of that too if you’d like.

To enter, you must be a subscriber to my newsletter.  Easy instructions will be included on how to enter (I don’t want to randomly draw a name and pick an electronic book reader like me).

The next newsletter will go out Feb. 8th (Two Cuts Darker release date), so sign up if you’d like a chance to win!

Christmas Giveaway #3

I’ve emailed the winner for Giveaway #2.

Up next:  something to help the NaNoWriMo-ers or anyone who likes to color.  Adult coloring books are all the rage and I’ve bought several myself.  I do like to color – but I’m not sure that it’s “relaxing” for me personally.  We’ll see. I keep trying new patterns and markers/pencils to see what I prefer.

This giveaway includes:

I’ll ship these anywhere on the planet and you can enter as many times as you want. To enter, comment on this blog post with HEROINE names you’d like to see more of.

Christmas Giveaway #2

Thank you to everyone who’s bought The Billionaire’s Christmas Bargain and/or posted a review!  The winner of the journal has been posted.

This week, I’d like to offer a $25 gift certificate to any online book retailer. To enter, I’d like to you recommend an unusual hero name you’ve always wanted to see in a romance novel.  Post on this blog post as often as you wish (multiple entries allowed).

Christmas Giveaway #1

To celebrate my first Christmas story release–The Billionaire’s Christmas Bargain–I’ll be giving away several small items over the next six weeks as little “gifts” to you.  Of course I’ll do some gift certificates too, but personally, I love handmade items.  I’ve got a crocheted scarf I made, some small journals, and who knows what else!  Note that some giveaways will be exclusive to my newsletter subscribers, so sign up!

Up first, I’m going to giveaway a small (<20 page) journal I made. I bought digital papers from Ephemera’s Vintage Garden and Tsunami Rose, mixed with some Paris-themed washi tape, and some digital raven postcards I bought several years ago.  I printed them out on card stock paper and cut them apart by hand, so these are far from perfect–but I think that gives the pages their charm. The journal is tied together with waxed cord and this particular journal has a little pocket inside with raven stamps.

To win this journal, comment on this blog post with your favorite Christmas book or movie. I’ll draw one name from the commenters on Sat. November 7th. I’ll ship the journal anywhere on the planet, and I’ll also offer a free download of any book from my backlist, including The Billionaire’s Christmas Bargain if you haven’t picked it up already.

IMG_1650 IMG_1649 IMG_1648

Never Let You Down Giveaway

NeverLetYouDown120To celebrate Virginia’s book, I’m offering winner’s choice:

  • Signed print copies of all four Connagher books to date, mailed anywhere on the planet.
  • OR digital copies of all four books, any format, and a $35 gift certificate to any online book retailer.

You have two opportunities to win!  Enter via Rafflecopter below, or join my newsletter for a second prize package (same details) to be drawn from the list of subscribers on Jan 16th.

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4th of July Giveaway

Happy Independence Day fellow Americans!

To celebrate, I’m going to giveaway a $20 gift certificate to winner’s choice of online book retailers.  This giveaway is open to anyone on the planet, even if you’ve won something from me before.  We’re going to keep it simple this time.  No Rafflecopter or hoops to jump through.

I need your help.

championshipI’m entering a Sex Scene Challenge!  I need to supply the hottest 500 word excerpt for the contest.  It needs to make an impression, even if you haven’t read the 10-30+K set up that lead to that scene.  It doesn’t even need to be full-on activity if you know what I mean.  It just needs to be HOT.

So help me out.  What’s your favorite hot scene that I’ve written?  Comment on this blog post by Friday, July 5th, midnight CST.  I’ll use the Pick Giveaway Winner plugin to select one comment.  Multiple comments are allowed and encouraged.

Thank you for your help and enjoy the holiday!

Scorching Summer: Mari Carr

As part of our Scorching Summer giveaway, I’m thrilled to have New York Times bestselling author Mari Carr stopping by today!

Scorching Summer is here!

FullMoon72webI’m thrilled to be participating in a celebration of RED HOT reads with some of the most talented writers I know. On June 11, my book, Full Moon, will release alongside Joely Sue’s new story, Her Grace’s Stable, as well as books by Erin Nicholas, Harper Fox and Shelli Stevens!

Today, Joely Sue is allowing me to shanghai her blog to do a little shouting about Full Moon. In the two years since her divorce was finalized, Josie’s life has become one long, boring routine. Work, home, repeat. She has her hands full as a single parent, and while she’s not looking for a serious relationship, she sure wouldn’t mind getting laid.

When her friend Zoey challenges her to make a New Year’s resolution for a second chance at happiness, Josie goes one better and creates the “Howl List”. Every full moon, she will indulge in a different sexual fantasy. Right at the top? Sex without strings.

Fate leads her to the Blue Moon bar in January. After all, what better place to howl? And when she meets Jake Stewart, the sexy bartender, and engages in some red-hot sex with a stranger, her year seems to be off to a great start.

At least, until Jake declares he wants all her full moons…

Today’s Howl List item? Sex in Public

Jake let her take in their surroundings for a minute or so before asking, “Public enough?”

There was an undeniable thrill attached to the knowledge that anyone could come along at any moment. The chance of being caught combined with Jake’s hungry look was intoxicating. Perfect. “Yeah. It is.”

“Too cold?”

It was mid-February and there was a brisk breeze blowing. Regardless, after spending nearly an hour in the overheated club, the cool air felt good on her skin. Maybe the chill would clear her head, convince her this wasn’t such a good idea. She was starting to like Jake way too much.

Before she could reconsider, he pressed her against the back wall of the bar and kissed her. Josie melted into him as memories of their first night together drifted back to her. She hadn’t imagined any of it. He was an amazing kisser.

Jake took possession of her mouth like a man on a mission. She wrapped her arms around his neck, savoring the sweet taste of soda on his tongue. He was yummy and she wanted more.

His hands drifted to her jacket, parting it to squeeze her breasts through her sweater. He was rougher than she remembered, his passion fueling her own. She gripped his hair tightly when it appeared he’d stop kissing her, pulling his lips back to hers.

Jake groaned, so she pulled harder. Her aggression turned him on. He slipped his hands beneath her sweater and pinched her nipples.

Her head flew back against the wall as the sensual assault drove her higher. Her pussy grew wet. Or wetter. Her arousal had sparked and fired the moment Jake had whispered his invitation to fulfill her fantasy at the table.

“I want you so much,” she muttered against his cheek when his lips traveled along her throat, his tongue and teeth toying with her earlobe.

Full Moon is available for preorder from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Samhain.

Be sure to check out Erin, Shelli and Harper’s blogs as well because I’ll be sharing different Howl list items and excerpts! And don’t forget to enter the contest—lots of prizes, lots of chances to win!

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