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The first of my holiday giveaways

I’ve got all sorts of goodies planned for you over the next few weeks! The first two giveaways are currently live.

Win an iPad and prize back from L. A. Boruff, Katie May, Kerry Adrienne, Skye MacKinnon, and Joely Sue Burkhart worth $500. Enter or click the image below.

I’m also giving away a signed print copy of Queen Takes Camelot and winner’s choice of a “Winnifred in the Library” bookmark on my Facebook page.

7 thoughts on “The first of my holiday giveaways

  1. What a wonder prize. The book would be a good read and the IPad is awesome!

  2. Great prize!

  3. Great giveaway!

  4. i have tried to enter and i joined the news letter but the form will not let me enter

  5. Great prize!

  6. Very nice sweepstake. I hope I can win it!

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