Good News Monday

The best news of all:  I’m not sick any more!!!

Well, I do still have a chunky cough (especially when I lay on my left side) but it’s not nearly as bad as it was.  Whew, I’ve never missed so many days of work before.  I’d much rather take a week off for vacation than sick leave, but at least I have the vacation/personal time to cover it!

Other good news:

  • Since Phantom drafting flow has been interrupted, I’m switching gears to revisions.  (I’ll pick Phantom back up in August)  That means…
  • Revisions for Vicki (YOURS TO TAKE) per my editor’s notes.  Due back mid-August (but I’ll do them sooner than later).  If I can finish them this week, I’ll be very happy.
  • First-pass revisions to THE BLOODGATE WARRIOR.  Might need more than one pass (it got pretty rough at the end) but the major work will be handled.
  • Vicki’s release date is tentatively 5/8/2012.
  • Used the sick time last week to begin building a new series for 2012-2013, tentatively Carnivale.  Yes, I know there was a television series with the same name, so I might end up calling it Carnivale of [Something].  I already have the premise for the first three books identified, but it needs some detailed worldbuilding before I can get into the specific characters. 


Now that I’m feeling better, I need to manage the exploration/building time for the new idea better — I love world and story building, which can interfere with drafting and revising those other “boring” ideas I’ve already tackled.  New!  Shiny!  So don’t expect a lot of updates on this series until I get Phantom finished.

What good news can you share this week?

One thought on “Good News Monday

  1. My sister is feeling better! That’s my good news for the week!

    Actually, I got more than that. I watched that awesome presentation last night and am still riding pretty high from it. God, I wish I’d been able to join the military! I had to restrain myself from shouting HOO-RAH! every five minutes.

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