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Good News Monday

The best news of all:  I’m not sick any more!!!

Well, I do still have a chunky cough (especially when I lay on my left side) but it’s not nearly as bad as it was.  Whew, I’ve never missed so many days of work before.  I’d much rather take a week off for vacation than sick leave, but at least I have the vacation/personal time to cover it!

Other good news:

  • Since Phantom drafting flow has been interrupted, I’m switching gears to revisions.  (I’ll pick Phantom back up in August)  That means…
  • Revisions for Vicki (YOURS TO TAKE) per my editor’s notes.  Due back mid-August (but I’ll do them sooner than later).  If I can finish them this week, I’ll be very happy.
  • First-pass revisions to THE BLOODGATE WARRIOR.  Might need more than one pass (it got pretty rough at the end) but the major work will be handled.
  • Vicki’s release date is tentatively 5/8/2012.
  • Used the sick time last week to begin building a new series for 2012-2013, tentatively Carnivale.  Yes, I know there was a television series with the same name, so I might end up calling it Carnivale of [Something].  I already have the premise for the first three books identified, but it needs some detailed worldbuilding before I can get into the specific characters. 


Now that I’m feeling better, I need to manage the exploration/building time for the new idea better — I love world and story building, which can interfere with drafting and revising those other “boring” ideas I’ve already tackled.  New!  Shiny!  So don’t expect a lot of updates on this series until I get Phantom finished.

What good news can you share this week?

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  1. My sister is feeling better! That’s my good news for the week!

    Actually, I got more than that. I watched that awesome presentation last night and am still riding pretty high from it. God, I wish I’d been able to join the military! I had to restrain myself from shouting HOO-RAH! every five minutes.

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