Good News Monday

Urgh, I really need some positive thinking today.  I’ve been fighting a cold all weekend with oranges and homemade chicken soup, but I can barely taste my coffee this morning.  And it’s Monday!  *insert dramatic groans*  So let’s concentrate on the positive…

  • I’ve FINALLY hit the 25 pounds lost mark!  The last week was really tough and I have to admit, I almost wavered right off that weight-loss wagon.  But I held on and the scale finally cooperated.
  • Using everything I’ve learned lately from Alissa (on the Golden edits) and Angie (Before You Hit Send workshop), I made one more pass through Vicki.  I also addressed two little things that beta readers commented about, threading some new backstory all the way through the book.
  • I worked on Vicki’s synopsis yesterday but don’t quite have a finished draft.  As soon as I do, and I polish it a little, I’ll be able to submit!  Yay.  That’s definitely good news!

Next up on my to-do list:  Golden#2 or Lady Wyre#2.  I want to get a little momentum built on these two new series before I hop to Phantom.

Remember you can still enter to win Molly Burkhart’s signed My Gigolo or the Steampunk Necklace (see below posts).  Also, I haven’t heard from the Eternal Rider winners yet.  If I don’t hear from you in the next few days, I’ll draw two new names.

3 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. Hope you feel better soon Joely! My mom’s had a NASTY flu for about two weeks now. I’m surprised it hasn’t clutched to me yet.

    Yay for the Vicki progress though! And YAY for more Golden and Lady Wyre!

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