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Giveaway: Molly Burkhart’s My Gigolo (signed)

I’m so excited for my Beloved Sis – her first print book is shipping NOW!  To help her celebrate, I’m offering two signed copies of her book.  Just comment here through April 4th and tell me your favorite zombie movie or story.  Why zombies?  You need to check out Molly’s Undead Christmas Lyrics.  I’ll have the monsters pick two names out of the hat on April 5th.

P.S. It might take me a couple of weeks to get the copies signed – we live almost two hours apart and both work full time.  But I’ll ship as soon as I have them signed and in my greedy hands!

You can also still enter the Steampunk Necklace Giveaway.

10 thoughts on “Giveaway: Molly Burkhart’s My Gigolo (signed)

  1. I think that I’m your sister’s twin. Well, not really but I’m not overly fond of THAT holiday. And I love the lyrics. I will be sharing them with family members of the same warped mind-set. 😆 As for favorite zombie movie (I cannot figure out why everyone’s into zombies–can you explain that so that I will understand? TIA) I actually enjoy Resident Evil. I’m not sure why.

  2. Shaun of the Dead, baby! Zombies + English humor + adorable Bromance = WIN.

  3. Yay for Molly! my favorite zombie movie is called Zombies! ARggg. That may not be the exact title but it’s close. It’s a movie all from the zombies perspective. The people don’t know at first they are zombies. And ofcourse love Shaun of the Dead too:)

  4. Congrats for Molly!

    I’m gonna have to go with Zombieland. Cause it’s the only one I’ve been able to get through. You know, because I’m a big wuss. :mrgreen:

  5. Congrats Molly!! Good luck everyone…don’t enter me, I have the ebook.

  6. Eeee! Sis, I love you! You throw the best parties. *snerk*

    Milinda? I can’t say why everyone else is into zombies, but I’ve always thought them the ugly stepsisters to all the vampire hype. Where Anne Rice and her ilk turned vamps into walking talking sex, zombies have always been about rotting. Heheh.

    Honestly? I think it’s the sick humor inherent in the concept. Humor is always the best way to conquer fears, and what’s more terrifying than to not be able to rest after you’re dead? To be a shambling, rotting, soulless, flesh-eating horror? So, we shoot ’em in the head, we blow ’em up, and we make fun of ’em, and suddenly, undeath ain’t so scary.

    …Or it could just be that I have a sick sense of humor.

  7. And Shaun of the Dead rocks! God, I gotta watch that now….

  8. Those lyrics are awesome! Putting Christmas and zombies together is a stroke of genius. Truly, I don’t get the zombie thing either, so the only movie I’ve seen recently with zombies was Shaun of the Dead. As for books, I loved Married With Zombies. It totally had a Shaun of the Dead vibe, and was also the only book I’ve read recently with zombies.

  9. Winners: Milinda and SJ Noir! Please send me your snail mail addy joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com!

  10. Woot! This makes up for not being able to go to RT. 😀

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