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After a miserable night of sleeping (not the coughing so much — just couldn’t get and stay asleep — and I had HORRIBLE dreams), I woke up to Littlest Monster’s fever.  She’d complained of headache and sore throat the day before.  All parents of school-aged kids are probably whispering “strep!” and you’d be right. 

Meanwhile tonight Middle Monster also began running a temp.  She doesn’t have a sore throat though, and since she had her tonsils out last year, I don’t think it’s strep.

And of course, I’m still coughing and coughing and coughing, although my voice is better.  So I took Bethanie’s recommendation and bought some Airbourne tonight, as well as a general vitamin.  I got out of the habit of taking anything, which certainly hasn’t helped my immunity.  I’m determined to get over this thing!

I didn’t write until 10:30 tonight, but I did accomplish the following:

  • NSR:  revised next section, 1528 words.
  • NSR:  jotted notes for next (new) section in Quinn’s POV.  Will attempt that tomorrow.

I’m running behind on the revision.  I scheduled myself 10K a week, so I need to get 5K done by Monday.  With all the sick monsters, I don’t know if that’ll happen.

3 thoughts on “01/16/2009

  1. Oh, yuck! So sorry about the sick monsters! 🙁 I hope they all get (and stay) better soon, and I hope the Airbourne works for you. Still doing the trick here… *quickly raps desk*

    That’s good progress you’re making, too! (Even if you are behind :mrgreen: ).My first pirate project is done, so I’m going to come up with another one this morning (since I’m AWAKE at this ungodly hour – on a Saturday, no less – and have nothing better to do).

  2. Thanks, Bethanie — they are better today, but still contagious, so we three stayed home from basketball, while Princess Monster and That Man went for her game.

    Yay for pirates! I hope you were able to get a lot done this morning!

  3. Ouch. Hope the monsters get better soon.
    How’s the weather? The temp has only gotten up to 22 today, same high as yesterday. 😯
    Have a great weekend.

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