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Where did the weekend go?

Our first non-basketball weekend disappeared in the blink of an eye.  I didn’t get much of anything done that I’d hoped.

Friday night, I bought some plastic window-box containers, Miracle Grow potting soil, and lettuce seeds.  Yes, I’m going to try to grow things again this year — this time in containers instead of hay bales.  However, we were too busy to get anything planted, so I need to do it tonight.  This is the perfect time to plant lettuce, before it gets too warm!  I’m going to try tomatoes and zucchini in containers, too, but can’t plant them until May or so.

Sat. we slept in (bliss!) and then made a big pancake and bacon breakfast.  After catching up on all the dishes, (a theme for the weekend) I escaped the house ALONE to go on my first “Artist’s Date” ala Julia Cameron.  I went to a small local Art Show and Book Swap.  Other than work (which is here at the house because I telecommute), I’m ashamed to say it’s the first time I’ve been anywhere alone since I took off all that time in Nov.  That Man tried to stick me with a kid on the way out, but I managed to escape, although most of the books I bought were for them, including the much beloved “It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny”, about PJ Funnybunny.  That used to be Princess Monster’s favorite book — to the point that we sheepishly hid it for awhile because we were sick of reading it.  It was damaged in a basement flood, so I was glad to find a copy of it again.

Then I rushed off to Wal-Mart and home to begin cooking for an impromptu get-together with Aunt BB and Uncle J.  We had brisket (that I couldn’t get done — it was HUGE!), potato salad, salad, and mixed roasted veggies.  More dishes.

Sunday was the time change, but we managed to crawl out of bed in the dark and get off to church.  Papa surprised us with a trip down and met us for lunch at Macaroni Grill.  He watched Middle Monster play her new horse game on the Wii for hours while we visited.  Dinner was leftover brisket (finally done–but not much was left!), more roasted veggies, leftover salad and potato salad.  The two littlest monsters had hotdogs instead of meat — Middle Monster was devastated when she found out that my “barbeque sandwiches” weren’t those formed rib sandwiches but “real” meat.  She loooooves McRib sandwiches!

More dishes, then baths, while That Man worked on the laundry.  Before I knew it, it was time to get the monsters in bed and I’d accomplished very little writing, or so I thought.  I did manage to get the blurb doc back to Angie for Dear Sir, and I’ve gotten through nearly 150 pages of edits on Road.  The first chapter took the most work — as always.  Once I got through it, the rest has been easier.  I’m hoping to finish the rest of the edits today, look them over the next day or two, and then get them back to Deena.

Meanwhile, I also need to polish The Shadowed Blood and get it up for E-Book Week.  I’m going to include a sneak peek of the first chapter or two in Road, so stay tuned!

Nothing on Revision Xibalba, but we did catch the end of Game Plan, a movie starring The Rock, last night, which totally inspired me to get back to NSR (since Ruin is played by The Rock).

How about you — did you have a crazy weekend?

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  1. The weekend itself wasn’t crazy but the weather here was. Temps near 60 on Friday then Sat, rain; Sun: rain, sleet, ice, snow and temps below freezing.

  2. I had a busy weekend. Saturday was the CRW meeting and book signing, and Saturday night I started picking up the chaos that is my living room. Sunday was pick up and vacuum and do four loads of laundry. 😀

  3. 😯 Um… That Man DOES LAUNDRY???!!?? 😯 He just got himself a much higher ranking…. :mrgreen:

    I had a date too. With Janet Evanovitch. Well, Stephanie Plum. And Ranger. And Joe Morelli. :mrgreen: I read Three, Four, and Five this weekend. And did NO laundry. Or dishes. So there. :mrgreen:

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