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When I planned to work on Tara’s scene last night, I’d forgotten that I had a two-hour eligibility afternoon meeting at the Evil Day Job.  Talk about totally wiped.  I had a tension headache, too, and just couldn’t face this difficult scene. 

That Man had to be up at 5:15 for his EDJ today, so we both went to bed early and I planned to tackle the scene this morning.  As I was brushing my teeth, the final plot piece finally slipped into place.  I also had a vision for another diagram I need to prepare for work today before our 1 pm meeting to clean up all the stuff that came up yesterday.  Some days, my brain is firing on all cylinders!

So I shout VICTORY this morning.  The first draft of Tara’s scene is complete at 914 words.  Not a lot by any means, but a significant victory just the same.  I noted my complete lack of output since 2/14 in my spreadsheet which is totally unacceptable.  Ugh.  I could have been through Revision Xibalba this month if I hadn’t slacked off.  Le sigh.

Ah, well, nothing I can do about it now but press my nose to the grindstone and concentrate on finishing as soon as possible.

Aside:  My copy of Larissa Ione’s Desire Unchained arrived yesterday!  I had it pre-ordered on Amazon forever, it seemed, and I was going to hunt down the UPS man if he didn’t deliver it yesterday.  He was late (after dinner) but he did drop it off, along with my Caribou Coffee order.  However, I don’t get to read it until I finish Revision Xibalba.  *dies*  That’s my reward.  [I don’t get to start it, because once I do, I know I’ll read it straight through in one sitting like Pleasure Unbound!]

And so cool — my first “blurb” appears in the front!

4 thoughts on “2/25/2009

  1. Glad to hear you made it through! It’s amazing how it all comes together. 🙂

  2. Well, it sounds like you are getting back into the swing of things. The slacking off is probably not your fault, though. There is something about February that just wants to suck the life out you, yanno?

    The Demonica books sound really interesting… I take it you recommend them? And oh, looky!! I just got a $50 gift card to B&N from the rewards program at my bank… How conveeeeeeenient… :mrgreen:

  3. And your signed copy will be coming to you as soon as I get to the post office (most likely tomorrow). :mrgreen:
    Thanks for my package, and the ornamental from the monsters.

  4. LOL–aww, thank you! Good luck finishing! I like to reward myself too — but I still have RITA books to read. Ack!

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