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All-Time Favorites

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I thought this week we’d talk about all-time favorites: movies, books, whatever strikes our fancy. Let’s start with all-time favorite ROMANCE, any subgenre (historical, contemporary, etc.)

My all-time favorite romance is Sun of the Morning by Linda Howard (although to this day, I really have no idea what the title has to do with the story). Arguably not the “standard” romance at all, I’ve heard people either loved it or hated it. For me, I absolutely loved it. To this day, I can remember the characters’ names (that’s a huge test for me): Niall and Grace. Grace St. John, in fact. It’s one of the few books that I could stomach time travel in. I loved the Templar aspect (long before The Da Vinci Code), and oh, boy, do I love a good Highlander in a kilt. (There’s a reason the warriors in the Shanhasson trilogy wear memshas, you know.)

What haunts me, though, is Grace’s transformation from soft victim to hard survivor, and the final decision she makes to go back to him. The part where he scribbles the final instructions so she can come back to him — if she chooses — makes me go all weepy inside. Great book.

Close second for me would be Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase (one of the reasons I’m giving away her current release). If I ever write a character half as memorable as Lord Dain then I’ve accomplished something pretty awesome.

So what about you: what’s your all-time favorite romance and why?

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