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An April Fast Draft

Sometimes an idea comes together like a lightning strike.  Perfect, clear, powerful.  The timing is good, and it makes sense to insert this project into my to-do list now rather than later, so I’m going for it.

Almost a year ago (MayNoWriMo) I was working on Maya#2, and while doing some research, I ran across the legend of Tecun Uman, the Guatemalan national hero.  I took a lot of notes about him and his mythic battle against Alvarado that ultimately led to his death and the defeat of the K’iche.  I knew it was important, but I didn’t have a story.  The synopsis I wrote for Maya#2 would lead to an interesting story — but I don’t feel compelled to write it.  I’ve changed my direction this past year.  I’m working harder to firm up my brand.  While I loved the idea of The Bloodgate Priestess (working title for #2), I just don’t think it’s the best story for me to write right now.

Fast forward to last weekend, and I had a waking sort of dream.  I saw Kukulkan’s pyramid — the shiny obsidian one from the other side of the Bloodgate — and a sacrifice.  Although it wasn’t the kind of sacrifice you’re probably thinking.  *winks*  One thing lead to another, and suddenly the dots connected between Tecun Uman, Kukulkan, and the Bloodgates.  In a few days, I managed to get the entire story plotted on my handy-dandy spreadsheets.  Both characters have ran through the Emotional Toolbox.  The story fits within my BRAND I want to build. 

Even more significant, I’ve dreamed about the story again.  The ending plays out in my mind like a movie.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to pull a modified Fast Draft.  I’m not going to shoot for 20 pages a day — but I am going to shoot to finish a first draft of this novella by the end of the month.  The fire is stoked — I’m going to take advantage of it.  I think it’ll end up closer to 30K than 20K, but if I can get a minimum of 1K a day, I’ll be in good shape to finish by the end of the month.  I’m excited enough about this story to face getting up at 5 AM everyday to finish it.

Never fear, Vicki fans — I finished her synopsis yesterday.  We have company arriving today, but my task tonight will be to edit the synopsis again and write the query, so I can submit sometime on Monday when I have the chance to review everything one more time.  I also turned back in Golden copyedits yesterday — the last time I’ll touch that ms before its release August 29th. 

My slate is clear.  It’s a GO for —


2 thoughts on “An April Fast Draft

  1. Whoot. Your excitement just flies off the screen! I’m thrilled to see more in the Bloodgate universe. :mrgreen:

  2. Yay yay yay! More Bloodgate stories! Good luck with Fast Draft Joely!

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