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An End and A Beginning

This past weekend marked the end of the band season, except for performances at playoff football games.  I’m not actually that happy, because now I’m on morning drop off duty since she doesn’t have to get to school as early (they practiced every morning before school).  So I’m driving just as much, if not more.

Now add to that some good news:  Middle made the junior high basketball team!

When Princess tried out years ago, over 60 tried out and only 18 made it.  Not good odds.  She ended up in band and grateful basketball didn’t work out.  The first day of this year’s tryouts, there were 30 girls, so better odds, but Middle was still really stressed out.  She had nightmares, fever blisters (she gets that from me), and one day she came home in tears.  This is highly unusual.  Middle hardly ever cries.

If she didn’t make the team, she was going to learn that awful miserable lesson that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you want it, you don’t get what you want.  Thankfully she did NOT have to learn that lesson right now.  She made the first cut Wed. when they downed to 20 girls, and the last 20 were good enough that Coach kept them all.

Now begins practice every single day after school at varying locations and times, some Sat. practices (her first practice was this weekend), and of course, the games.  That Man is determined to travel to these games if he can get off, but some of the towns they go to I’ve never heard of.  So we’ll see.

But yay, I’m so happy for her.  We have an athlete in the house!  She just sparkles on the court.  I can’t wait to see her in action!

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  1. Congrats to your middle child for making the Basketball team! That is quite the accomplishment.

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