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Another Sig Possibility?

I really like this man even though he doesn’t have period clothing.  I think it’s his eyes, and he’s the right age.  What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Another Sig Possibility?

  1. I like those eyes! Yeah, this guy could work.

  2. Ohh I do like this one!

    I tried searching a few times (ahem a few hours) but either the man wasn’t blond or he looked to young and soft. *sigh*

    But it’s funny that every time I saw this pics ( & ) I thought of Sig. Too bad there aren’t any good pics of this man without the goggles. That’s pretty much how I pictured him in my head *g*

  3. I think he could work. Them eyes… :mrgreen:

  4. He is very man-pretty for sure! 🙂

  5. Caroline, I really do love that cyborg man — if only he didn’t have goggles, like you said. Sigh.

    I just can’t find the PERFECT Sig! 👿

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