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Baby Steps

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After two years on Weight Watchers, I’ve reached the point where I simply can’t stand the thought of counting another meal.  The thought of doing this the rest of my life is depressing.  I’ve been off the wagon more than on for most of the year as a result and definitely going the wrong direction.

So I’m switching my thoughts and reframing my goals.  I’m concentrating on what to eat, not what I can’t eat.  I CAN eat lots of super foods.  The more super foods I eat, the better I’ll feel and the less room I’ll have to worry about chips and pizza.  I’m not yet back to the place where I can cut most of the junk food out again, but I am working towards limiting it and filling up on the good stuff.

Since I got back from RT, I’ve been concentrating on whole super foods like avocados, cherries, mushrooms, and yes, I even tried sardines.  Not my favorite – the little fish bodies give me the heebee jeebies.  But I can smash them up with a fork and ALMOST eat them like tuna.  I prefer white albacore, which makes it harder to convince myself they are just like tuna, but I’ve not thrown up yet and they’re not horrible.  Not my favorite by a long shot, but I’m holding out hope that I can eventually look forward to them.  Coughs.  We’ll see.

I’ve even started making simple green smoothies each morning.  No yogurt, dairy, etc. but just greens, frozen fruit, maybe a banana, and water.  I drink a huge one off and on throughout the morning, and then when I’m done, if I’m hungry, I have some scrambled eggs in olive oil.  So far so good.  I actually like green smoothies more than I expected.  (I’ve been putting spinach in my workout smoothies a long time, but mixed with yogurt, protein powder, milk, etc.)  The only one that turned out gross was one with kale and cherries.  It was a lovely mud color.  However it tasted fine – just not aesthetically pleasing.

Starting today, I’m also doing a 30-day ab challenge on Twitter and a 30-day push-up challenge.  More small steps to hopefully get me back to some kind of regular exercise.  I don’t want to tackle anything too mind-consuming this month since we’ll be moving by the end of June.  Hopefully.  Assuming they finish the house on time.  Or we’ll be homeless!  No stress a all. *dies*


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  1. Sardines are the nasty, LOL. My Guy loves them though. You are a braver soul than I! One thing I’m learning with counting calories is portion sizes, I’m amazed at how off I’ve been for years.

    Cheering you on! I know you can do it!

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